LONDON | Brexit : Should I stay or Should I go?

Jun 08, 2017 18:30 - 21:30 BST
ESCP Europe London Campus – Room F52 - 527 Finchley Road - London, 527 Finchley Rd, London NW3, UK

In partnership with EDHEC Business School alumni network and emlyon business school forever alumni network

We are delighted to offer you a new conference:

Brexit : Should I stay or Should I go?

Can’t vote on June 8th? Come and join us and do something positive about Brexit!

Thursday 8th June 2017 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm

ESCP Europe London Campus – Room F52 - 527 Finchley Road - London

Nathalie Ducray & Nicola Scicluna

Executive, Team and System Coaches

One day, almost a year ago, all our lives changed forever… Brexit is now a reality, and the General Election of June 8th will decide who ‘runs the show’ in negotiating its conditions.

Meanwhile… you may have considered different options… experienced many different feelings… or just felt numb, in limbo, powerless or even a victim of Brexit…

Whatever your individual experience, we know that Brexit has and will have a huge emotional impact on people, on companies, on institutions and on society.

As experienced coaches we also know that we always have a choice, not in changing world events, but in how we ‘hold’ them and how we feel empowered. We are offering to take you beyond the emotional flooding, the panic of the unknown, into a powerful and intentional mindset where you can make decisive choices

That is our program for you if you join “Brexit: Should I stay or Should I Go”

This conference will allow you to :

• Be aware of the emotional impact of Brexit on the Society, on companies, on people and especially on yourself

• Get emotions out and be empowered

• Get clear on your Brexit options

• Make a personal action plan

Few words on the leaders:

Nathalie Ducray is an experienced Coach and Trainer working with individuals and teams in the corporate world. She is certified PCC by ICF (International Coach Federation. She is also a member of the CRR Global and of Performance Consultant International faculties as an international trainer, and a teacher in business and engineering schools. Nathalie gratuated from Edhec Business School and had 15 years experience of sales, marketing and management in the media industry, before transitioning to her new core activity, supporting teams and people to thrive in their personal and profesional lives.

Consultant, Team Coach and Trainer, Nicola Scicluna partners directly with senior executives, managers and employees to develop and improve their organisation structures, work processes, business agility, self-awareness and collective intelligence. She has a track record of delivering researched, incisive interventions that lead to sustainable performance and productivity improvements and has worked with teams in some of Europe’s largest multinationals. Nicola is an ICF (ACC) certified Relationship Systems Coach (ORSCC) and Airbus Team Coach.

Always passionate about communication and relationship, Nicola’s first career was in UK journalism. Subsequent re-training in Gestalt psychotherapy and Organisation Systems Coaching gave her a grounding in group process, psychology and experiential learning. She delivers in a dynamic and creative way and plays the banjolele in bands in Toulouse and London.

Participation fees:

£ 10 for members of ESCP Europe Alumni – £ 15 for non members and off-campus

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