Webinar to introduce the new e-learning platform VODECLIC (ENG)

Jan 12, 2018 15:00 - 15:30 CET
online webinar

There are many benefits in being an emlyon forever alumni lifelong member! Now you can access to VODECLIC, a brand new e-learning platform to improve your digital skills available whenever, wherever and however you want. More than one thousand training modules in several languages.

Discover the new e-learning platform VODECLIC ans how to use it by registering to the next webinars! 

Duration : 30 min


Click here !

How to access to VODECLIC :

Vodeclic is only available for alumni lifelong members.
Got to the learning Hub website and connect with your usal emlyon forever alumni Login.:
-    https://learninghub.em-lyon.com/ 


January 18th - 5:00 pm - Register here

English :
January 26th – 11:00 am - Register here

More about VODECLIC

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