Club Digital | London Official Launch 13th june | "Social selling, do social networks help to sell more?".

Jun 13, 2018 19:00 - 22:00 UTC
Digitas, 146 Brick Lane, LONDON, E1 6RU
12 people are attending
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Dear Alumni,

We are excited to announce the launch of the Club Digital emlyon in London. The inaugural event will happen on the 13th of June, at 7pm.

We will be exploring the topical issue of "Social selling, do social networks help to sell more?". This will be in collaboration with Club digital Essec and Club digital Dauphine.
Social media is now firmly embedded in our everyday lives, through the "always-on" mobile devices, and the pervasiveness of our digital selves. The ecosystem of social media and e-business continues to evolve, presenting even more opportunities for business to engage with people on a personal level.

How to get noticed in this seemingly chaotic space where digital meets real-life? How to integrate social media within your E-business model and measure the ROI? How to benefit from the big data generated by social media, while respecting user privacy?

We will answer all these questions during the conference with the invalueable insights from our guests:
- Florie Roudet – Global head of customer acquisition at JUST EAT
- Anne-Sophie Legrain – Group innovation and insights manager at PAGE GROUP

Event will happen in the Digitas office, in the auditorium located in the basement :
146 Brick Lane,
Date and Time
Wed, June 13, 2018
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM BST

The Club Digital emlyon business school forever is delighted to meet you for the first time in London.

The Club Digital emlyon business school forever team
Yonglin Chen (London lead)
Stéphane Feuillebois (PGE 2010) - President Club Digital Paris
Olivier Geyer (PGE 1998)
Sarah Prévot (PGE 2015)
Roxane Labat (PGE 2011)
Gaëlle Brunetaud-Zaïd (PGE 1996)
Pierre Dubail (PGE 2011)
François Hoehlinger (PGE 2013)
Charlotte Garcia-Moreau (PGE 2017)


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