Online workshop | Flash Job Search Bootcamp | Thursday, July 12th

Jul 12, 2018 12:00
Online workshop
10 people are attending
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Are you an emlyon graduate from the class of 2016 or 2017 and willing to give your job search a kick ?
➡️Join our next FLASH JOB SEARCH BOOTCAMP dedicated to recent graduates as part of our Career Booster offer.

This workshop will be held in small group (8 people max.), 100% online, 100% in English*, and led by a consultant in career consultant. 


  • How to implement a real discussion and avoid the "ping-pong effect" between the recruiter and the candidate ?
  • How to ask and answer questions ?
  • How to improve verbal and non-verbal communication ? 


  • Situational exercices with other participants and your career coach 
  • Exchanges et feedbacks within the workshop 
  • Coaching development opportunities

Information : 

  • Online  workshop via Zoom (free) : internet connection, micro and webcam mandatory
  • Duration of workshop : 1h30 (from noon to 1.30 pm)


(*A French online workshop is organised on July, Wednesday 11th  from noon to 1.30 pm -  information here

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