International | ‘Networks not networking ! An introduction to Personal Boardroom’ Webinar  Thursday  11th  April 2019 12;30-13:30

Apr 11, 2019 12:30 - 13:30 CEST

‘Networks not networking! An introduction to Personal Boardroom’ Webinar 
Thursday  11th  April 2019 12;30-13:30

While some people build a great network instinctively, most of us need techniques that we can learn to apply and internalise over time.
Jane Barrett will introduce you to the Personal Boardroom and will show you simple but effective rules of thumb for activating your network, based on well-defined roles and targeted, quality relationships.
Personal Boardroom is different from other approaches to building networks.  Rather than ‘networking’ randomly with lots of people, the focus is on 12 specific roles that research has shown are vital for innovation, job performance and career development. 
You will come away with:
·    A structured way to think about your network – and more clarity about the 6-12 important relationships you need to perform, learn and progress 
·    An appreciation of the value of surrounding yourself with a diverse range of people and perspectives 
·    A chance to develop your own Personal Boardroom and gain help to fill vacant spots.


Jane Barrett, Head of Career Coaching at and author of ‘Taking Charge of Your Career’(Bloomsbury 2017).
For the last 18 years she has developed online programmes and worked in Europe with MBAs, Masters and executives to help focus and accelerate their career ambitions.
About Personal Boardroom:
Personal Boardroom was created by Amanda Scott and Dr Zella King who Jane interviewed on her podcast ‘Grow your own career’ . Zella is an Executive Fellow at Henley Business School and Amanda Scott an executive coach and facilitator.  They are co-authors of the book which is available free to download with their app – at

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