A new key contact in Berlin: Constance Starcky joined the ambassadors’ local team

Born in France, I grew up within a very French traditional family. I did not know yet I was to be travelling and living abroad so much. 

You know these times when your choices will determine the rest of your life? Well, I was at the crossroads of 2 paths when leaving University and joining emlyon business school. I decided to leave my University law studies for good and joined emlyon, for its very business-focused program. I was amazed by how important a network is and this is the second reason why I joined our beloved school.

After a first internship in the Silicon Valley, I joined my first company there, called Rythm (formerly called Dreem), founded by former Paris Polytechnique students. Working there as an acquisition marketing specialist for long hours, I tried to enjoy my Californian life at the same time. After a few years only, I decided to take a quick break in this startups life, and I joined HubSpot. Craving to learn much more from my peers and managers, I was looking at marketing experts and I found a lot of them at HubSpot. I am today responsible for the French market at HubSpot, focused on demand generation. 

Why I became an ambassador? I always cared a lot about our beloved school and network, which brought me so much over the past years. I value a lot the people in this network and I believe this is one of the strongest thing we have, when we join the emlyon business school.
I love to connect with new people in my area, to discover how different their paths are today, to learn from their different point of views and mindsets. 
I love to be challenged by my network and to gather people around the table: this is why I wanted to join the emlyon forever ambassadors’ program!



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