On June 15th, the emlyon business school forever Dubai community gathered for a new version of its annual event, during the month of Ramadan. Sofia and Sara, local emlyon forever ambassadors, organized a dinner at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels in Burj Al Arab.

This dinner layout facilitated the conversation between participants, especially as some of them had never attended an emlyon forever event before!

The alumni community in Dubai reveals a certain variety in the profiles, both in terms of career paths and seniority. For example, the following business activities were represented: banking, financial conglomerates, entrepreneurship, consultant, marketing, business development and luxury sector.

This gathering was a great opportunity to connect with new members. Your local ambassadors will keep you informed on the agenda and look forward meeting the rest of the community in the coming months.

A few pictures as a memory of this wonderful and interesting dinner!

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