The network’s highlights of 2018 and future meetings

Dec 04, 2018

Dear alumni,

January’s newsletter is the first of 2018, so there’s no better time to take a look back over the past year’s highlights, and forward, to all the events we have planned for 2019.

Our graduate network is a great asset for its 30,000 members. It is a driving force for the promotion of our school. This community is becoming increasingly diversified on an international scale, and that is thanks to your commitment and engagement at every level, be it as board members, regional ambassadors abroad, club presidents, sponsors, mentors or jury members.

The main objective of our team, which is spread across the Ecully, Paris, Casablanca and Shanghai campuses, is to created and develop connections between graduates, to keep our sense of community alive through our connection to the school, and to develop inter-generational connections. We accelerate opportunities, facilitate exchange, and reveal talent.
We are by your side to support you in your career and your professional development throughout your life. This year, we advertised 10,000 job offers and organised over 100 conferences and workshops.

We organise major events in France and abroad and we support the actions of our volunteers. In 2018, 250 events, organised in France and around the world, attracted a total of 12,000 people.

Our role is to promote the education provided at emlyon business school through the success and inspiring journeys of our network’s exemplary and engaged graduates.

Several high points were noted in 2018 

In June, our superb event at the Cirque d’Hiver attracted 1000 graduates, and it also marked the first Alumni Makers Awards honouring the entrepreneur, the manager and the start-up of the year - Pascale Hazot, Florence Pourchet, Pierre-Emmanuel Bercegeay - and the launch our new portrait series "Alumni stories". The first three present the international careers of Alix Farque, Mexico City, Maud Zeller, Singapore and Baddreidine Mansouri, Morocco.

On 13 October, the inauguration of the new Casablanca campus. Graduates attended the first Africa Alumni event.

On 17 November, Adhemar made a comeback! 300 former students came to celebrate this anniversary on the Ecully campus, along with twenty student associations. The event was rich in emotions, memories and projections about the future of the school.

In 2019, emlyon Forever Network will become the For Others Network.

We wish to dedicate 2019 to social, environmental and charitable engagement and to developing an intergenerational link between the graduates and students who –since 2010- automatically become members of the network on their first day at emlyon,

See you in 2019!

22 January in Lyon, a preview of the film Comme un seul homme, in the presence of Eric Bellion, back from the Rhum Road.

13 April in Lyon, Graduation Day. 1500 young graduates will officially become part of the emlyon alumni family.

9 May in Paris, our annual event at the Maison de la Radio.

12-13 July, A multi-campus, interconnected Summer University

Around 8 December, all our international chapters will join a day of group meetings at our main "embassies".
Thank you all for your commitment and efforts.
Happy holidays.

Fabienne Clérot


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