Joël Chareyron, new emlyon forever ambassador in Canada

Feb 19, 2019

After two years in general management program (PGM) between 2016 and 2018 on the campus of emlyon business school Écully, done in executive while I was chef executive officer, I was proud to graduate from emlyon business school at “salle 3000” with all my classmates and relatives.

The emlyon business school’s PGM training enabled me both updating my knowledge and learning new skills. It was also a great opportunity to improve my personal development with an additional certification in emotional intelligency.

With these new competencies, I’ve seized the opportunity to work as a Sales and Marketing Director in a Montréal Company called Alfid. Alfid, an international fiduciary Swiss-Canadian company created in 1983, is specialized in real estate management and currently employs 350 people around Canada.

During all these pasts 7 months, I have been enjoying questioning my reflexes, my practices, applying each day what I’ve learned at emlyon business school, as well as discovering the North-American culture. 

I like to remember these two years of training at emlyon business school: the campus, the high quality of speakers and programs, my classmates, our practical classes, as well as the evenings shared together.

Committing as an emlyon forever ambassador in Canada is a way for me to be able to carry on with this training thanks to future meetings with Canadians and North-Americans Alumnis. 
I feel very proud to take responsibility of ADEM’s goals and to continue the work already done by predecessors Alumnis.


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