Monia El Cadi, the next yoga fashion queen ?

Feb 22, 2019

In 2017, Monia El Cadi joined the Global Entrepreneurship Programme at emlyon business school. She never forgot her internships in China and the United States, which enabled her "to understand how a company is built from A to Z." She then worked for one year in as Business Development Director at China Consultants International in Hangzhou. She also became President of emlyon Shanghai’s Digital Club and organised conferences and workshops on digital and new technologies. She still occupies this position, but since her return to France, she has mainly been working on Pretty Fitgirl, a Yoga clothing brand.

Why set up your own company?

Because I like a challenge and because I wanted to provide a solution with a personal touch.

Did you already know you wanted to set up your own business while you were studying?

Yes, that is why I followed the Global Entrepreneurship at emlyon business school.

Pretty Fitgirl, is a two-person project…

Yes! I joined forces with my mum, who is a stylist who practices yoga. It isn’t a coincidence! ;)

What do you hope to achieve with Prettyfitgirl?

The aim is to develop a hip and stylish brand of yogawear so that women can feel elegant during their workouts.

Who are your products for?

Dynamic women, concerned with well-being and determined to reach their goals.

Was there anything negative that happened on this journey?

My first collection was stolen by the company that was supposed to produce it. Once I got over my anger, I thought to myself “It’s a good sign, it means people like your products.”

What has been the most exciting aspect?

I love getting photos of people wearing our designs! It brings meaning to our creations.

Where can we buy your collections?

Online, of course, and in our pop-up store in Saint-Laurent en Grandvaux (Jura).

What is the next step for Pretty Fitgirl?

A kidswear collection and to open one or two stores.

To your mind, what defines an entrepreneur?

3 things: perseverance, motivation and a dynamic approach i.e. Never giving up in the face of difficulties, and doing everything possible to reach your goals and to see the positive side of things!

OK, now let’s talk business, can we get a discount? ;)

20% for emlyon business school students and alumnis!

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