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  • Career Booster | Zoom back on : "Negotiation & effective communication" conference !

    Feb 26, 2019

    Zoom back on the conference "Negotiation & effective communication"

    Tuesday 12th February 2019 evening on emlyon Paris Campus, 30 alumni who recently graduated attended the conference "Negotiation & effective communication". Held by France Gaspard, CEO and founder of MooveRH, this session was tailored around situations and challenges faced by recent graduates in recruitment processes : 

    • Introduction to salary negotiation
    • Step by step : what to do before, during, and after a negotiation to ensure success ? 
    • Why do you find it so hard to negociate ?
    • Tips and resources 

    If you are interested in attending these types of conferences, stay tuned, more are coming soon! 

    ...Going further : 

    🔧 Onlne resources : (access allowed with your student or emlyon forever email address) 

    Pay Negotiation     

    Other websites: Glassdoor, PayscaleAPEC (in French)

    ✍️ Are you looking for some personalised tips ? Get a career guidance with a career consultant : careerbooster@em-lyon.com 

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