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  • emlyon business school MBA: international talent to match your needs

    Apr 04, 2019

    Whether you have a specific business project or are looking to recruit new talents for permanent positions, emlyon business school MBA participants will enrich your staff with immediately productive international managers, ready to start creating value from the first day of their arrival.

    To become part of our programme, all of them have successfully completed a rigorous selection process in which they have proven to possess great potential for entrepreneurial leadership.

    Therefore, you can be assured that our MBA participants possess not only the management knowledge they need to identify opportunities for or within your organisation, but moreover the necessary behavioural skills required to turn them into immediate tangible value.

    They are #EarlyMakers.

    I hope you will find this CV Book to be a useful tool in your search for new recruits, and I feel confident in saying that when looking through it, your are sure to spot just the talent that will match your particular company’s needs best.

    Kind Regards,

    Marc Pérennès
    Director of Employer Engagement & Careers Services

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