Répondez aux défis de votre entreprise avec l'aide des participants MBA d'emlyon business school

The International MBA programme is looking for consulting projects for our Entrepreneurial Leadership Course (ELP).

An ELP is an intensive, 6-month project assignment in which our talented MBA teams are focused on finding solutions to clients’ strategic issues. 

During the ELP, a team of multicultural, multi-disciplinary MBA “consultants”, formulate and deliver a fresh perspective and unbiased insights to your business. Each team is supported by an emlyon faculty member with consulting experience. You can expect high quality analysis, cutting edge management techniques, and clearly communicated recommendations.

Projects may take many different shapes; new market entry, digitalization, best practices, functional excellence, response to future trends, business growth options.

Our MBA teams are ready to dive into the key issues, search for strategic options, propose solutions, and advocate implementation planning and stakeholder engagement. 

The ELP has helped organizations like yours to accelerate important strategic priorities and their execution. We are proud to generate highly attractive returns on the time that you invest working with our teams. 

In summary you can expect:
▪    Team of experienced International MBAs (35 years total experience)
▪    6 months part-time focus on impacting your business = 350 hours
▪    Project delivery from November to June
▪    Under close supervision of a dedicated emlyon faculty coach 
▪    Using robust consulting techniques and processes

Deadline to apply: Early October to Stephanie Ousaci (ousaci@em-lyon.com)



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