The emlyon forever annual gathering in Dubai took place on Wednesday, November 8th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

It was a great occasion to gather about 30 alumni located in the United Arab Emirates – or passing through the region. Christèle Fernand, alumni network Director, took on the opportunity to share great news about the achievements, projects and developments of emlyon business school and its alumni network.

Also, Bernard Belletante, Dean of emlyon business school, joined the group thanks to technology and informed the Dubai community of the strategic plan he has set for emlyon for the past 3 years. The school has been transformed and is continually reinventing itself. Any alumnus can take part in the transformation, especially by donating to the emlyon foundation.

We would like to thank everyone who attended this gathering and as mentioned by Bernard Belletante, another event will be organized in 2018 with him!

Below a few pictures to remember this event.

Sofia Jebbour – your emlyon business school forever ambassador in Dubai  

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