Last October, the 30th edition of the “Entretiens Jacques Cartier” took place in Montreal. Since emlyon business school is a partner of the organization, it was a great occasion to gather the emlyon business school alumni community. Hence, two events took place on Wednesday, October 18th.

In the morning, a roundtable on entrepreneurship was organized by the HEC Montreal Alumni team on the theme “Two young entrepreneurs facing success: analyzing incredible career paths”. Gautier Cassagnau, alumnus Programme Grande Ecole 2009 and President & founder of Geolid, was invited to share his experience. Professor Régis Goujet, from emlyon business school, also took part in the roundtable, as he has been assuming the role of mentor for many years. For example, Gautier explained how he tries to create a friendly yet successful work environment, so that every person on his teams can find his or her way to participate in the innovation of the startup.

LP Maurice, President & co-founder of Busbud, was the second entrepreneur who shared his adventure from a Canadian perspective. What stroke the audience, was that no matter how successful LP and Gautier are in their lives, they try to remain humble and focus on recruiting the right person for the right job to develop their companies.  

The breakfast gathered about 60 people – both alumni from emlyon business school and HEC Montréal, as well as business partners, members of the startup community in Montreal…

Crédit photo : Alexie Monnerville

In the evening, a gathering had been organized in a co-working space, Le Tableau Blanc. It was a great occasion to present Patrice Chessé, the new emlyon forever ambassador in Montréal. Christèle Fernand, Alumni network Director and Aurore Poirier, International development Manager, were also present and shared important information regarding the school and the network:

•    The opening of a campus in Paris and the advantages for lifelong members;
•    The current construction of a new campus in Casablanca, since the numbers of students keep increasing;
•    The election of Guillaume Touze (alumnus PGE 1994) as the new President of the emlyon forever association (ADEM);
•    The ongoing improvements of the emlyon forever website and mobile application.

About 30 students and alumni from Montreal gathered and got to know each other. It is interesting to note that all kinds of sectors of activity and work positions are represented by the community in Montreal; and that alumni rather decided to move to Montreal for quality of life in the city, than for a business opportunity.

The emlyon forever alumni network team would like to thank all the participants who joined us at those two events and to remind you that the best way to keep in touch with the network, is to regularly update your information on the website.

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Below, a few pictures from the event.

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