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    Dec 05, 2017


    There are many benefits in being an emlyon forever alumni lifelong member!
    This month, discover "Vodeclic", a brand new e-learning platform available whenever, wherever and however you want. More than one thousand training modules in several languages.

    Short videos of 3 to 5 minutes that solves your IT problem in an instant!

    A rich and up-to-date catalogue that covers most of the digital, IT and collaborative skills you might need, for work and leisure!

    Discover thousands of tutorials on hundreds of applications and software

    • Exercises to put your skills into practice
    • Assessments to evaluate the skills you acquired
    • Badges to promote and share your skills on LinkedIn
    • Notes to Keep on top of your training
    • Timetables to stay organized and learn at your own pace

    VODECLIC is available in 7 languages.

    Trainings examples:

    Excel, Word, Power Point, Prezi, Facebook, Google Slides, Google Sheets, google Analytics, IBM Connections, illustrator, Photoshop, iMovie, InDesign, Instagram, Twitter, keynote, Linkedin, SQL…… Etc.

    Are you ready ? Have a look and you will see!


    Vodeclic is only available for alumni lifelong members.
    Got to the learning Hub website and connect with your usal emlyon forever alumni Login. 

    -    https://learninghub.em-lyon.com/



    VODECLIC is avalable for emlyon forever alumni lifelong member. Not a lifelong member Yet ? Get your membership on the emlyon forever website in the "membership" Tab!

    Lost your alumni Login ? Please contact us by email: contact@emlyonforever.com  

    Lost password? Reset it here: http://security.em-lyon.com/ResetPassword.aspx 


    Discover VODECLIC : 

    Take part to the next webinars to discover your new e-learning platform (webinars available in French and in English):


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