Mid january, three alumni invited us to share insights on the marketing of Champagne brands and guide you through

a unique tasting of Veuve Clicquot with cuvées dating back to 1980…


The meeting was at 7.00pm at The Gallery - Moët Hennessy UK in the Center of London where

Aliette Duquesne (MSc04, E-Commerce Sales Manager), Charles-Edouard Delelis-Fanien (MSc01, London Trade Manager) and Arthur de Lencqusaing (MSc08, Brand Manager Veuve Clicquot) made us rediscover the world of LVMH.

They respectively took us through the boom of E-commerce in Luxury and wines, presented us the key industry trends in spirits, and shared with us insights on the marketing of Champagne brands. Arthur also guided us through a tasting of various cuvées of Veuve Clicquot.


A rare and privileged moment was the tasting of a 1980 Champagne, Cuvée d'Exception


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