"I am so glad we can get together again" was certainly the most common statement we heard during the Hong Kong "Get Together" event on March 3rd in Hong Kong. Christian de Verchere is now the new "correspondant" for EMLYON FOREVER in Hong Kong and Christele Fernand being a few days in Asia, this was a great opportunity to make kind of kick-off event. About 30 "former students" made it in Tai Lung Fung, a trendy bar near the iconic "Blue House". Great evening indeed and a lot of emails in the following days to insist on how cool this event was and how important the network is!

Christian also conducted an online survey to better understand the local community and its expectations. Many more events to come with a noticeable next step : a joint conference with the French Chamber of Commerce, mid June, on the luxury industry (details TBC)

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