The EMLYON FOREVER team is very pleased to invite you to its next career webinar – Thursday 3 July, from 2 to 3 pm CET on “Managing Conflict at work” speaker: Dave BARRETT

During this webinar Dave will show you how to deal with negative or unhelpful behavior from another person.  Negative behavior usually follows consistent patterns that can be identified, and with a little practice, better managed.


What you will learn:

 · What things contribute to successful relationships

· How to get relationships off to a good start

· What to look out for when things start going wrong

· How to organize yourself to respond more effectively



What you will take away with you:

 · New or different ways to think about how you relate to those behaving negatively.

· Some things you can try out.


About Dave Barrett

Dave is a fully accredited work place mediator, coach and facilitator.  Dave has a varied work portfolio, working part-time as Learning and Development for a large UK charity, the rest of the time he runs his own company (which specialises in conflict resolution) and is also a mediator for company called Conflict Management Plus Resolutions (CMP Resolutions). This work focuses helping people to resolve disagreement and conflict in the workplace.





Webinars provide a virtual way for participants to watch and/or listen to a presentation and interact with the webinar leader. We advise that you access sessions via a computer (vs a mobile).


Registration is mandatory. Please use your log-in and password on the link “I register”. Registration will close on June 30th.


IMPORTANT: Upon registration, a email with all the details on how to connect will be sent out to you 3 days before the webinar.


Contact : Brigitte Eyraud



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>Diplômés international : Gratuit
>Tarif non adhérents, extérieurs (G16+) : 30 €

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