Elections 2021

Oct 06, 2020


                            CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE – 2021 board of ADEM





First name                                                                 Last name

Programme                                                              Graduation year


In which collège would you like to apply:
   □  Paris - Ile de France

   □  France - hors Ile de France
   □  International


How do you think our business school will develop over the next 10 years and how do you think ADEM may be able to offer support?



How do you think ADEM could effectively enhance the value of our diploma?



What in your view are the duties of ADEM as far as the college is concerned?



What in your view are the duties of ADEM as far as the graduates are concerned?



What in your view are the duties of a board member of ADEM?



How many graduates from emlyon business school have you recruited during your career?



What kind of initiatives have you implemented during your career to encourage the alumni community?



What kind of campaigns have you developed during your career to support the school?



What in your view are the 3-5 main strengths of emlyon business school?



Which 3 main campaigns of ADEM do you appreciate the most? What could you do to improve them even more?



Are you or have you been one of the following:

   □ ADEM board member

   □ Foundation board member

   □ Ambassador

   □ Club chairperson

   □ Club member

   □ Participant in the business school

   □ Member of the EM admission panel

   □ Foundation donor
   □ Other (please specify)

Are you or have you been one of the following during your career:

   □ Employee of a large firm (G2000 - CAC40)

   □ Employee of a government agency or local authority

□ Employee of a small or medium sized firm

   □ Sole trader

   □ Artisan

   □ Founder of a firm
   □                 a start up

   □ Employee of an association


   □ Marketing position

   □ HRD

   □ Financial Department

   □ General Department

   □ Production or Logistics
   □ Other (please specify)


   □ Board member of a firm

   □ Corporate officer

   □ Member of an executive committee

   □ Senior executive

   □ Other (please specify)


Please give some examples of your skills to work in a team


What would be your availability to work for the ADEM Board of Directors in the 4 following years?



□  1 hour per day

□  1 hour per week

□  4 hours per week

□  2 days per week

□  1 hour per month

□  4 hours per month

□  4 hours per trimester

□  Other


Do you have a specific skill which could be useful to the school or to the alumni network?


Have you ever been a member of the board within ADEM? If so, what are your main achievements? How would you describe your experience?



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