You are an EMLYON Business School alumnus – whatever your degree – with happy memories of your time on campus. Likewise, EMLYON is proud of the successful careers of its graduates throughout the world down the generations.

EMLYON FOREVER’s mission is to keep this network alive and active by offering a range of services to graduates at all stages of the professional and personal lives, while increasing the School’s influence and contributing to its growth.

We currently boast 80 volunteer graduates throughout the world who act as our local EMLYON FOREVER Ambassadors and as contact points for the School in their geographical region – welcoming new arrivals, serving the community, communicating School news, etc.

In the process they expand their own networks beyond their usual circles, gain rich new experience and enjoy a special relationship with EMLYON through being the first to find out the latest news.

Their role is also to strengthen intergenerational links – for both current students and graduates – through local meetings, and to form relationships with graduates of other Grandes Ecoles and local universities and businesses interested in becoming partners with EMLYON as part of the New Territories 2020 strategy.

The current list of correspondents can be found on the Expat’s Guide (students’ association) website and under the COMMUNITIES tab on the  platform.  As ‘administrators’ of this platform, Ambassadors enjoy special privileges to help them serve their community.

EMLYON has over 4, 000 graduates abroad and a truly global ambition. If you want to become an ambassador and play an active role in the school’s transformation strategy, contact us now!

Sandrine CAILLAT, or Christèle FERNAND,


Since January 2015, new correspondents have joined the ranks of our international ambassadors and now serve as your local contacts:

-          ALGERIA : Mona ANGOT (MSc 1997),

-          AUSTRALIA: Pauline ROLFE (MSc 2011),

-          BRAZIL: Bertrand DOUET (MSc 84), - Alexandre TEPAS (MS 2003) - Johann WASSERER (MSc 2003),

-          CHINA : Marion DELAPLACE (MSc 2002), - Dominique VINET (MBA 2003),

-          UAE/DUBAI : Valerie GODIN (MSc 2008), - Karim QASSOUD (MS 2013), - Younes LAMRINI (MSc 2014), - Laurent THEYSSET (MSc 2003),

-          KENYA – TANZANIA- ETHIOPIA : Julien GARCIER (MSc 2000),


A warm welcome to all of them!




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