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  • Season’s Greetings from EMLYON Business School

    Dec 23, 2015

    GOOD IN 2015

    This year represents the start of a major transformation for EMLYON :

    - Creation of the Asia-Europe Business School

    - Opening of the Casablanca campus

    - Launch of the Smarter Business School project in partenership with IBM

    - Launch of the Creativity & Learning Hub Credit Agricole

    - Partenership with Adecco in the field of social & pedagogical innovations


    GREAT IN 2016!

    Our ambition will make EMLYON one of the world's prime movers in the development of entrepreneurial talent.

    - Opening of the new Shanghai campus in September 2016

    - Project of a campus in Paris

    - Creating new learning environments

    - Opening a new Learning Hub in Saint-Etienne

    - Creating a new incubator at the heart of the Ecully campus

    - Developing new collaborations with schools specialised in engineering, social sciences, arts & design



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