The programme « Trait d’Union Prépas » is looking for sponsors in order to support scholarship students in French preparatory classes.

How can I get involved?

Your involvement can be done in 3 different ways of accompanying. You can choose the option which suits your situation best:

  • Assist the scholarship student for a year
  • Take part in one occasional evening or daily event (presentation of your job, company visit, attendance during job research sessions, etc.)
  • Tutoring of a student in « Grandes Ecoles » (graduate school) during for a year.

> This sponsorship can be done even if you are not located in the same area as your godson. Indeed, thanks to new technologies, you can now easily communicate via Skype, phone, emails, etc.

Why become a mentor?

As a mentor, you will help your godson to get into graduate school in spite of social and financial hurdles, getting them ready for their professional project while introducing them to the “business world”.

Your empathy to their needs and openness to dialogue will increase your godsons’ self-confidence while boosting their personal ambition. Furthermore, this new social experience can be an opportunity for you to gain as much as you give!

How will I be supported and guided during this mission?

You will not be alone if you decide to join the Mentoring EMLYON Programme: you will get training and advice from EMLYON professors. Various managers from EMLYON will also be there to accompany you along the way.   

It is through discussion sessions that you will be able to share experiences with other members of the Mentoring Programme.


The programme « Trait d’Union Prépas » :

  • A partnership with 7 High Schools
  • Supports more than 100 scholarships during the 2 years prior to the entrance exams for Business Schools
  • Different actions: weekly student tutoring, cultural programme, internship during school breaks, (languages, math, simulation of oral examinations)

> For more details, visit the Mentoring Programme website here


Would you like to get involved into this social experience ? Are you interested in the Mentoring Programme ? Do you have any questions about it ?


Christine DI DOMENICO, Professor and Social Programme Manager - Tel : +33 4 78 33 77 28 / + 33 6 32 44 53 85

Karine JACQUET, General Delegate Fondation EMLYON - Téléphone : +33 (0)4 78 33 77 13  | + 33 (0)6 81 75 52 32

Lisa HUGUES dit CILES Back Office Assistant of the Fondation – Tel : +33 (0)4 72 18 29 46

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