We Are the Projects has been designed & launched in 2015 by Diane Lenne, an emlyon student. Here is her story :

"Few years ago, I started a movement to train individuals to design learning experience in the topic/talent, project of their inspiration, that they share at the occasion of forums in groups of 10. For many, it was the "click", the "lighter", the 'trigger" that drived them in their future path.

It gave birth to more than 30 different  peer groups who took part of this process in France, Switzerland, United-States, Romania, Korea and China. Last year, I decided to create a complete full course WE ARE THE PROJECTS (WAP), inspired from this process at emlyon, top French business school, backed by Thierry PICQ, the academic dean. The course explores how to give direction to your future path.
The course was called as "one of the best of the school", "mindblowing", "supplementing the career service", "truly needed by all the students". Because of the demand, we train willing participants to become WAP facilitators, to guide the process by themselves, becoming this way ... professors at the next semester and join a community of WAPers !  :)

The WAP community is starting to grow exponentially, with a huge demand in China. We are supported by the The French Governement, the number one for corporate MOOC in Europe."

Find out more about WAP on :

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