1. Global DBA Visit to United Family Healthcare and IECL

On Jan.12nd 2018, the emlyon Global DBA 2017 Intake visited United Family Healthcare and IECL China. United Family Healthcare is a pioneering, international health system providing comprehensive, integrated healthcare. The IECL China is a professional Institute of Executive Coaching. The DBA cohorts visited two companies and discussed with their executives on the topic of management strategy and development in China. These activities is part of the emlyon Global DBA establishing Doctor Cohort beyond its research oriented workshops.


2. Global DBA New Year Party La Doctorate Soirée, Jan.12 th, Shanghai

On Jan.12nd 2018, the cross intakes emlyon Global DBA cohorts joined the 2018 New Year Party La Doctorate Soirée. They presented themselves of elegant and graceful on the theme of Hats Show. emlyon DBAs symbolizes a combination with business wisdom of business leaders and aesthetic tastes.



3. Global DBA 2017 Intake Workshop 4, Jan.13th -14th, Shanghai

On Jan.13th -14th 2018, emlyon Global DBA 2017 Intake workshop 4 was held in Shanghai of Quantitative Research Methods. In this workshop, Prof. Max von Zedtwitz gave lecture using examples of methodologies and contributed perspectives on quantitative research progress. This enables participants acquiring the essential research methods to progress on their preparation of the dissertation. “It’s all about philosophy and methodology.” Stated by a current participant.


4. Global DBA Cross Asia – Europe Info Session, Jan. 22nd, Beijing/Shanghai/Paris

On Jan.22nd 2018, emlyon Global DBA program held three Info Sessions Cross Asia - Europe Continents spontaneously in Beijing/Shanghai/Paris. This is the first launching of info sessions of Global DBA program in various cities spontaneously, and truly makes its impact globally.

Professor Thierry Nadisic, Doctorate Advisor for Global DBA program hosted the Round Table Discussion on Building Wellbeing and Performance at Work with his DBA student – Mrs. Caroline ZHOU in Beijing. DBA participant Mrs. ZHAO Ying shared her experiences on doctoral study and life choice with prospects in Shanghai. Professor William WANG had one-to-one communication with DBA applicants in Paris on career transition plan in the changing world, and research proposals.


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