Our Executive MBAs currently are looking for consulting projects!

Feb 24, 2021


Let our EMBAs deliver answers to your important business initiatives

Our Executive MBAs currently are looking for consulting projects!  Would your company like some high-quality assistance with strategic projects over the next 6 months?

Approximately 50% of our Executive MBAs take the program over one year as a way to re-position their career and find new opportunities. To pass their degree, they are required to conduct an in-depth strategic project. As a result, they are available to work for your company as an external consultant.

  • Our EMBAs are successful business leaders aged 35-48
  • Over 15 years of experience in a wide variety of sectors and business domains
  • Strong track record in management
  • Available for 6 months, from February to November, to focus on impacting your business
  • Committed to spend in excess of 300 hours

Our EMBAs work as a business partner and bring a fresh perspective and unbiased insights. You can expect high quality analysis, cutting edge management techniques, and clearly communicated recommendations. Each EMBA is tutored by a dedicated emlyon faculty with extensive consulting experience or by an approved business professional.

Projects may take many different shapes such as, but not limited to:  new market entry, digitalization, best practices, functional excellence, response to future trends, business growth options. Whatever you need to make your business more successful. All projects are completed under confidentiality agreements.

Deadline to apply: Now to latest Mid May, complete the project template and send to Nelly Rousson (nrousson@em-lyon.com).



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