Entrepreneurial career survey !

Apr 02, 2018

Dear Alumni, 

As part of the emlyon business school community, we probably share the view that entrepreneurial activity is fundamental for the creation of wealth and innovation. In order to foster entrepreneurship in an effective way, policymakers need to identify its determinants. The academic literature has analyzed many possible ones:

  • an easy access to capital for start-ups,
  • the high concentration of entrepreneurs around you (peer effect),
  • the family background, and many individual behavioral characteristics,
  • such as the willingness to take risk and the degree of optimism. But many others may be still relatively unknown.

Our study aims to verify whether also the high-education background, especially in topics which are considered quite technical and essential for the good management of a venture, such as finance and accounting, determine the choice of becoming an entrepreneur. Our idea is that some wannabe- entrepreneurs with good, innovative ideas may be hold back by the challenge of launching their own start-up if they feel that they lack the necessary expertise in these areas.

As an individual who has received a high-level business education and took already important career decisions, your experience is extremely valuable for us to answer this question.

So, we would be grateful if you could find few minutes (around 5-10) to fill in the questionnaire, and help us completing this study. The results will be completely anonymized. We will then keep you informed of the aggregate results, if you wish, hoping that they can answer a very relevant question for us and for emlyon business school.


To access the survey, please click below:
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Riccardo CALGAGNO - Professeur - Economie, Finance et Gestion at emlyon business school
Anita QUAS - Professeur assistant - Economie, Finance et Gestion at emlyon business school


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