emlyon business school and Aderly, the Lyon Area Economic Development Agency, share the same DNA and values, such as international development and innovation-oriented business, as well as a deep attachment to Lyon and its surrounding area.

For this reason, the two organizations came together on Monday 10 October 2016 to hold a conference with a twofold aim:

  • to present to Executive MBA students and Alumni in search of new career opportunities Aderly’s missions, namely the activity of the Human Resources team, led by Marie-Pierre Gottwald and Claire Pernot
  • to spark the emergence of new projects that could be developed within the Lyon ecosystem.

This conference, entitled “Aderly, a partner to companies investing in Lyon: stories and testimonials”, also featured Kristin Mangold, in charge of international networks at ONLYLYON, and Pierre Mathieu, a consultant specializing in company prospecting and setups, as well as two companies that recently decided to set up operations in Lyon and were assisted by Aderly.

Aderly, a key player in the region’s economic development, assists investors who are setting up in the Lyon area by offering a range of services covering every step of their business project: a panorama of the local market and its leading organizations and players, legal and fiscal advice, searches for subsidies and funding, searches for real estate, advice in human resources, recruitment and staff mobility, meetings with business partners, communication, networking and much more. As regards recruitment for companies wishing to set up a branch office in Lyon, the HR team seeks out talents who are up to the challenge, i.e. those with international experience, an entrepreneurial profile, the ability to speak several languages, the temperament of a business developer and more. To do this, it regularly calls upon the region’s schools, universities, training institutes and Alumni networks.

“When I set up in Lyon, I benefitted from Aderly’s services,” says Sébastien Jarrot, CEO of SKeeD, a brand specialized in sales of protective undergarments for motorcyclists. “First of all, in order to find our offices, as well as to hire 2 employees (a salesperson and an operational and product marketing manager). After posting job offers on various networks, the Agency made a shortlist of candidates for us and set up a series of interviews. The profiles they proposed matched what I was looking for and their work helped me save time.”

“In 2015, our group chose Lyon for the opening of its French headquarters,” adds Stéphane Pillier, Sales Director at Dr. Schär, a pioneering Italian company in the field of gluten-free foods. “The appeal of the Lyon metropolitan area and its unique position as a logistics hub clearly influenced our decision on where to set up in France. Aderly assisted Dr. Schär in opening our head office in Lyon, namely in searching for and visiting various premises, as well as in human resources for the recruitment of a Sales Administration Manager.”


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