On Thursday, September 29, about 10 alumni living in the Netherlands had the chance to discover the Heineken world through a very special visit: the Heineken Experience.
Everybody enjoyed the tour during which our tour guide presented the history of the brand and of the Heineken family, as well as gave us a description of the brewing process and of the different ingredients required to brew those famous beers!
After our private tour of the factory, we had the opportunity to taste several beers from the brand in a bar privatized for our emlyon forever alumni gathering.

This get-together was very successful – the perfect event to discover something new and to bond with other local alumni!
Thank you to all the participants who joined us!
And a special thank you to Fanny for her help in organizing this unique event!

We will most definitely set up another gathering before the end of the year, in Amsterdam. In the meantime, I encourage all of you to share your ideas / suggestions of dates, venues, type of events with me – especially if you feel like organizing or helping organize another company or cultural visit. Your initiatives and thoughts are always welcome!

Don’t forget to join our Netherlands community on our platform to be informed of our next events / gatherings.

Thank you all!

Alexia Nunes (emlyon13)

Autres communications