As the newest member of the emlyon business school forever team, I am happy to address this short presentation. My name is Aurore and for the past three years, I was in charge of the American Foundation Friends of Alliance CENTRALE LYON – emlyon business school (also known as Allyage). Through Allyage’s activities, I had the pleasure to meet many alumni in the US and Canada.

Since the beginning of November, I am working hand-in-hand with Christèle Fernand, emlyon forever Director, and our local ambassadors, to develop and liven up our great alumni network on an international basis. Our mission is to build a strong relationship with our alumni community through several activities (such as events or new partnerships), but also to spread the achievements of emlyon business school throughout the world.

Many of you have fulfilled great actions for our school (events, conferences, mentoring, welcoming students…) and I look forward expanding those achievements with you. Based on the Ecully campus, I hope to meet as many of you as possible in person, anywhere on our planet. Do not hesitate to contact me (!

Best regards,

Autres communications