Discover our new emlyon forever ambassador in Hong Kong: Stanislas Balaÿ

May 29, 2018

“I really appreciate emlyon forever events, it’s a special moment to meet people with different backgrounds than yours while having studied at the same school. It’s always a pleasure to understand why other graduates have followed this direction, what difficulties they faced, what were their failures and success. Each event is so rewarding!

Of course, it’s also a great time to develop your professional network and create opportunities. The world is small and competitive, especially in Hong Kong. Using the emlyon business school network can create unexpected connections and untracked paths that can make a difference.

At last, in such a changing world, working in the same company all your career seems crazy! emlyon business school and its network can guide us in our professional changes, lead us to meet relevant people, and help to make the right decisions.  

All these reasons explain why I wanted to become an emlyon forever ambassador in Hong Kong! “


Stanislas Balay graduated in 2012 from the MSc in Management program at emlyon business school and has mainly worked as a business developer. He joined first an innovative Telecommunication company for 3 years in Paris and then moved to Consulting Groups (Alten in Paris and Amaris in Hong Kong) to grow business in IT/IS and Digital.

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