Emmanuelle Le Calvé (Co'evolis): "I was impressed by the quality and vitality of the Paris campus"

May 29, 2018

After starting her career in French and international companies, Emmanuelle Le Calvé (MSc in Management 1988) decided to specialise in professional coaching. She supports leaders, teams and organisations with a specific focus on the human aspect of a transformation. She is now the CEO of Co'evolis and President of the ICF France (International Coach Federation).

How did you get into professional coaching?

I had been given managerial responsibilities very early on, and I had also been coached individually and collectively on the executive committee. Since I was often working in “project mode”, I wondered what it was that made a team a success or not!  I then trained in various disciplines, including individual and collective coaching. After a while, I decided to make it my job. That's how I created Co'evolis 10 years ago.

How do you support companies?

Through individual coaching, I accompany managers or directors as they take on the role, and I help them evolve in the role (relational, managerial, organisational skills).

In collective coaching, I tend to intervene in more "strategic" coaching, to help leaders and their teams to define their ambitions, priorities, and action plans, and to develop cohesion and cooperation. I also accompany teams on projects with high stakes or on the development of collective efficiency.

Are managers sufficiently trained in France?

It depends on the structures and their desire to invest in people! Today, the challenge is to adapt to change. Beyond the transformations brought about by digital technology, globalisation, and global warming etc., society as a whole is changing. This is a pivotal moment. Raising awareness and developing new skills takes time, and time is something managers and leaders have little of.

What are your ties with emlyon business school today?

I have lots of good memories of my time at school. There is a unique sense of family; when you meet an alumni, the connection is immediate. I have stayed in close contact with some of them. Recently, I visited the new campus in Paris and I was impressed by its quality and vitality. I would happily return to study, or why not, to teach?!

What book is on your bedside table?

My tablet / a window to the world! J I am very interested in the topics of management, sociology, psychology, innovation, philosophy. I like to read up on a range of subjects, it helps me to better understand the world and to find inspiration.

What is your motto?

Be curious!

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