Aurélie Deleau: "Women are drivers of growth for companies!"

Jun 06, 2018

At the beginning of the year, Aurélie Deleau (Executive MBA 2017) joined the Executive Committee of Groupama Rhône-Alpes Auvergne as Logistics and Procurement Director. She is also an active member of the G'Equilibre network, an internal network aimed at promoting diversity in companies.

You already had a qualification in cultural management when you joined emlyon business school in 2016, what were you expecting from the course?

The Executive MBA as offered by emlyon business school represented the opportunity to broaden my field of expertise and develop a strategic vision. Above all, I wanted to broaden my horizons and get an overview of the changes in the world in which we live.

Today, you work for Groupama Rhône-Alpes Auvergne (GRAA), and have moved away from the world of culture.

I have always worked in the banking / insurance industry but diversity has always been important to me; it is enriching personally and collectively. We are lucky at GRAA to be able to cultivate this diversity, thanks to G'Equilibre our corporate network promoting all forms of diversity: gender, intergenerational, and also social.

In your opinion, has the place of women in business evolved?

Yes, fortunately! But there is still room for improvement. For example, men are still three times more likely to be executives.

What is holding back gender equality in the workplace?

Probably stereotypes, the division of tasks at home, power struggles, and self-confidence, to name a few.

Will the actions of women in recent weeks help to move things forward in the workplace, do you think?

Yes I hope. In any case, it’s a brick in the wall. Women are drivers of growth for companies, our regions, and for France! We should not deprive ourselves of these talents. Numerous studies have already proved a link between women in management and operational profitability.

What memories do you have from your time at emlyon business school?

I have great memories: developing new skills, a broader vision, and a network of reliable contacts, as well as the birth of new friendships.

Is there an expression that sums you up?

We must always aim for the moon, because even if we fail, we land in the stars (Oscar Wilde).

In 10 years’ time, where do you see yourself?

In the stars, or on the moon! It will be 2028, the world will have changed (development of AI, blockchain, changes in consumption, the arrival of new players in the world of insurance, new generations, disruptive trends), I will hope to have led my company in the right direction and to have achieved our goals.

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