Isabelle Ressouches (Familissimo): "The most exciting in entrepreneurship? The challenge, the novelty and the opportunity to create new things »

Jun 27, 2018

Toulouse-based start-up, Familissimo offers families the opportunity to receive regular household groceries (food or healthcare and hygiene products) right where they need it, and in a box containing all the essentials for a chosen period. They currently have a "Baby is served" offer for babies and young children, from 6 months to 3 years, as well as a “Snacks for the week" box for  3-10 year olds. The aim is to make life easier for parents who love their children, but who wouldn’t say no to a little help!  

How do you select your products?

We currently operate on a 100% organic food offer; the idea being to offer only healthy products that are free from harmful substances. We apply the same principle to our health and hygiene products, although not all of these products are organic. We screen their composition and retain only the best products.

On the other hand, we give preference to products made by smaller companies that are rarely distributed in supermarkets. We support local sectors, vegetable growers and French producers; it is commitment as much as anything! Major national and international organic brands can also be included; so long as they meet our selection criteria, because we must satisfy all parents...

But in short, we make the same choices any mother would make for her children!

What do you remember about your time at emlyon business school?

My time at the school helps me today. In particular, the comprehensive general culture I learned that serves me in my business. I also remember seminars on campus and later too via the alumni network; the sharing of values ​​with this community, and an amazing period studying abroad which gave me an international experience. There is so much, in fact!

If you had to recruit someone to join your team tomorrow, what would their ideal qualities be?

A CV with a good degree doesn’t really help us to differentiate, these days. The needs of a start-up are also different from those of a large group. The ideal candidate would be motivated, autonomous and competent in their field (or even in several fields!).

In short, someone with a "Swiss knife" profile, who is looking for a great entrepreneurial adventure!

What does the emlyon alumni network mean to you?

A large community of people who studied the same degree, but more importantly, an active global network that opens up numerous opportunities for meetings, collaboration, mutual aid and sharing.

What do you like most about starting a business?

The challenge, the novelty and the opportunity to create new things while giving meaning to my job.

What aspects are difficult?

Being a small business is limiting, but we are working to expand every day!

What can’t you do without?

I realised from the beginning of my entrepreneurial adventure that we can actually do without many things we’re used to and be richer in other ways. But beyond the material aspects, I couldn’t do this without my family and my cat!

What is your anti-stress remedy?

Sport, to clear my mind and take care of my body! And then work, to evacuate the stress, while making sure I take some time for myself...

To any interested parties out there: We are currently looking to expand the team especially our sales department, so don’t hesitate and send us your applications! ;)

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