ūüéą Recent graduates : ready for a career move ?

Mar 01, 2019

As a recent graduate, you may have questions about your career.
Indeed, starting new working challenges sometimes require career guidance


This is why, emlyon business school offers a dedicated service to alumni up to 3 years after their graduation : 

  • Free and accessible to all young graduates of all programmes
  • Tailed made services either in French or in English 
  • All year round events and conferences available on www.emlyonforever.com

ūüďÖ Paris campus | Job Search Bootcamp :

  • Friday 19th April from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. Info & registration here. 
    In small group of recent graduates from all emlyon programmes, ‚Äčthis workshop will help you power up your CV, your LinkedIn profile, your pitch, interviews' posture etc. 

100% online via Zoom | Job Search Bootcamps :

  • Tuesday 26th March | Power up your resume and your cover letter ! Info & registration here. 
  • Tuesday 2nd April | Build an efficient network ! here. 
  • Tuesday 9th April | Let's pitch and prepare your next job interview ! here

ūüďĪ Your individual career guidance 

Looking for some expert advice regarding your professional situation?
Contact a Career Consultant for a remote and personalised support session : 
ūüďß careerbooster@em-lyon.com ūüďß

ūüĒß Your online ressources (emlyon forever email required)

  • Power up your resume/CV with Vmock
  • Learn how to negotiate your salary for a new job, or for a pay rise with PayNegotiation
  • Get sectors' insights by watching webinars and meeting with advisors : Firsthands

Stay tuned, more event will be coming up soon ! 

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