What a successful event held in London on May 23rd 2018 at Impact Hub!

About one hundred alumni and students from emlyon business school gathered at a co-working space near King’s Cross station to share a casual evening and learn more about their school.

Indeed, several representatives of the school joined this great event to exchange ideas, disclose the achievements accomplished over the last few years and the projects for the near future:

  • Bernard Belletante, Dean of emlyon business school;
  • Guillaume Touze, (MSc in Management 1994), newly elected President of the alumni association (ADEM), based in London;
  • Fabienne Clérot, new emlyon forever alumni network Director, based on the Paris campus;
  • Aurore Poirier, International business development & alumni network manager, based on the Ecully campus;
  • And Michèle Pekar, Director of fundraising, based on the Paris campus.

Many subjects were discussed – the school’s projects, the role of the alumni network, the different campuses and programs developed around the world… What can be stressed out is the clear correlation between the development plan of the school and of the alumni network. Many activities will be reinforced on a global scale and the best way to achieve our goals is to involve the alumni.

The event was also an opportunity to learn more about Green and Clean Tech, since a roundtable with various guest speakers had been organized and animated by Marie Geneste, emlyon forever ambassador in the UK:

Thank you again to all of you who attended this great annual gathering. Check out the photos of the event here.

We hope to see many of you at our next event!

Keep in touch with the ambassadors and local network by joining the UK community on the emlyon forever website, on Facebook or on LinkedIn.

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