Constitutive General Assembly of the Association of alumni of emlyon business school in Morocco - March 2, 2017

May 23, 2017

The evening of Thursday, March 2, 2017 was a significant moment for the community of graduates of emlyon business school in Morocco.

After long weeks of preparation and communication, and in the presence of a hundred graduates from the four corners of Morocco, the Constitutive General Assembly of the Association of emlyon graduates in Morocco was held. Young graduates from the years 2010 to the elderly of the seventies, the graduates rallied and demonstrated the exemplary strength and solidarity which characterize their school and their network.

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List of board members:

• President: Abbas Azzouzi, PGE 1989

• Vice-President: Youssef Guennoun, PGE 1995

• Treasurer: Isabelle Portebois, PGE 1992

• General Secretary: Nadra Moumna, PGE 2008

• Vice-General Secretary: Mohammed-Otmane Bensaïd, EMBA 2011

Other board members:

• Bilal Baguennou, PGE 2012

• Salma Benaddou-Benchekroun, PGE 2003

• Omar Berrada, PGE 2012

• Mohamed Berrada, PGE 2004

• Nadia Bourdi, MS 2004

• Ahmed Chraibi-Dakhama, MS 2009

• Kacem El Bouanani, PGE 1997

• Zakaria Garti, PGE 2014

• Xavier Giraudon, iMBA 1988

• Nora Khiyati, PGE 2004

• Jalal Maarouf, MS 2011

• Céline Valigny, PGE 1996

• Stefan Vandecasteele, MS 2004

• Philippe de Veron de la Combe, iMBA 1981

• Didier Vibert, PGE 1983

• Sidi Mohamed Zakraoui, PGE 2009

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