Two students of the Global BBA of emlyon business school hosted on the Casablanca campus at the arrival of the 4L trophy - Monday, February 27, 2017

The Casablanca campus of emlyon business school welcomed Laura and Marine, two second-year students from emlyon's Global BBA, after 6,000 km of orientation race that led them through France, Spain and Morocco, in the framework of the 20th edition of the 4L Trophy.

The 4L Trophy is a humanitarian raid which is carried out in 4L and whose objective is to send school and sports supplies to the Moroccan association "Les Enfants du Désert", a magnificent human adventure, advocating solidarity and going beyond the Self.

The 100% female crew took up the challenge and managed to reach their destination. They were welcomed by Dr.Tawhid CHTIOUI, Dean emlyon business school Africa as well as the team and the students of the Casablanca campus.

Pictures of the event

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