Global Entrepreneurship Program graduate inspires current program students with eco-tourism new venture

Learning about eco-tourism in China with a program graduate

A few months ago, 18 students from the Global Entrepreneurship Program descended upon a small village located 40 minutes outside of Hangzhou city center. This diverse group was looking for a different experience to learn more about local culture, environmental protection and sustainable business model ideas to support and accelerate conservation work in China. This eco-tour was initiated by Darren O’Connell, Global Entrepreneurship Program alumnus, who recently launched Regeneration Labs, a novel social enterprise based in Shanghai, aiming to accelerate environmental change via exercise, activities, team building and eco-tourism.

Here below are some pictures and feedback from Global Entrepreneurship Program students :

Hiking mixed with forest management – chopping dead bamboo trees to create growth for new ones.

“Chopping bamboo is my favorite part! It is fun and educational as you know that what you are doing will generate actual and direct benefit for the environment. I really want to do it again!” – Coline, France.

Locally prepared organic lunch while learning more about entrepreneurship in China

“The best thing that happens in life is good food for the stomach and rich knowledge for the mind. Don’t just look at those dishes, they are all organic and fresh. Don’t think of us as only young kids, we are full of entrepreneurial ideas and ambition.” - Lexie, China.

Tea plantation visit, learning about the tea making process

“Picking up tea leaves seems to be an easy task but it’s not. Filling up half the basket requires a whole day’s hard and repetitive work.” – Josie, China.

Enjoyable day of exercise and environmental support with friends and the Global Entrepreneurship Program family !

Engaging and networking with a strong alumni community

By reaching out to current students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program, sharing his new venture concept through an experiential learning experience and taking the time to answer specific questions, Darren O’Connell highlighted the strong ties that link all members of the program’s community!

About Darren O’Connell & Regeneration Labs

ReLabs is a novel social enterprise aiming to accelerate environmental change via exercise, activities, team building and eco-tourism. It has been started with the desire to provide sustainable funds, resources and awareness for environmental projects in some of the most beautiful places in China.
"This company designs, architects and implements activities for eco-tourism.
Regeneration Labs: "Exercise, Eco-Tourism & a healthier environment!”

Hear what Darren has to say about his new venture :

“This company was launched in February of 2017 after Chinese New Year. The idea was first initiated while working on a consulting project for WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) in China. I came to understand that many environmental project sites in China, and across the world, are reliant on doner money and fundraising to continue and complete their work. These financial models are not-sustainable so by encouraging eco-tourism and developing activities, it can attract people to these beautiful locations. This in turn helps to raising awareness and funds for the NGO on site and also the local economies. We are a company that designs and measures the impact of eco-tourism activities. Hangzhou for us is a pilot project that we are very excited about.”

Want to get in touch with Darren to learn more about his experience in the Global Entrepreneurship Program and his eco-tourism enterprise? Connect with him on Wechat to learn more!

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