Annual gathering in New Caledonia

Sep 18, 2018

On July the 5th, our New Caledonian emlyon business school alumni had the pleasure to meet and share a friendship moment in the middle of the mild South Pacific winter.

Around a relax drink with French wine and tasty cheese, we welcomed around 10 students from 2nd preparatory year at trade schools who had most interest to know and to interview us about our various personal and professional stories.

Such sharing had been fulfilling for our young Caledonian students, a distillation of advice to face professional failure and success, and incentive to take risks, undertake and reach his belief.  

So, future students at emlyon business school? This is all that we hope for their next competitive examinations!

Thank to Sabrina PHAM for her warm welcome, and see you soon for the next event on the awesome Caledonian island.

Gaëtan Varillon – emlyon business school forever ambassador in New Caledonia


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